A Tale Told
Rifaat Hamid Ghani

Rifaat Hamid Ghani describes herself as a drifter. She is proud to have worked as a producer in Aslam Azhar's managed Karachi PTV station and assistant editor in S. R. Ghauri's edited Morning News and Ahmed Ali Khan's Dawn.

Presently she is teaching English General to A Level students at one of Karachi's private schools.




Anwari Begum
Tyaba Begum Bilgrami

First written in 1905 and serialized a few years later, Anwari Begum was published as a novel only after the authorís death. It is one of the most accomplished early twentieth century works of Urdu fiction by a woman writer. Evolving around the secluded interiors of aristocratic homes in the princely state of Hyderabad in the early 1900s, the work examines the changing mores of Indian Muslim society as it opened up to Western and colonial influences, and also to the liberal reforms suggested by enlightened Indian thinkers. This story of love, marriages, and death in one family, not only vividly captures the aristocratic Hyderabad, it also anticipates the impact of modernity on an old culture.




Synaptic Impulses
Abrar A. Ansari

A slim volume of poems about the poetís journey of self discovery, Synaptic Impulses will appeal to all those seeking to change the status quo in their lives. Born of introspection by a restless spirit, this volume inspires the reader to look inwards.




Sarajevo Saturdays
Maniza Naqvi

Sarajevo Saturdays is a captivating collection of vignettes of everyday life in post-war Sarajevo. The book makes the reader experience life in the city, with its great and small joys, from an outsiderís perspective. It does not claim to speak for its citizens, but shares an intimate glimpse into their lives. The stories reflect the lives of those who face a deep crisis, the kind that those who are emerging from war need to confront. This makes the work valuable as a literary narration



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